About Us

Employment Elements, LLC assists its clients in managing the ebb and flow of their most important asset – their Human Capital – by finding jobs for people and people for jobs.

In September of 1999, Chad Beals, the President & CEO of Employment Elements had an ambitious goal:

To provide Employers and Job Seekers with a better, more convenient way to meet the challenges of their employment needs.

In a matter of months, the value of the Employment Elements’ approach became clear and the opportunity became enormous!

Today, the employment industry continues to evolve and the Employment Elements’ brand resonates strongly with both Employers and Job Seekers throughout the Nation.

What we can do for you…

At Employment Elements, we study industry trends in each of the practice areas we serve and spend the time necessary to anticipate and deliver on our client’s needs.

  • Job Seekers: Employment Elements, LLC can help you have the cutting edge when it comes to offering an advantage over other people competing for the same job. Job hunting techniques change constantly; there are probably as many different reasons for a career change as there are people with jobs. To learn more about our Job Seeker Services, please click here.
  • Employers: Employment Elements, LLC can help companies in targeted vertical markets improve their profitability and efficiencies by providing professional direct hire, specialized temporary staffing, outplacement services and corporate training, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. To learn more about our Employer Services, please click here.

At Employment Elements, we know where we are going and we are constantly helping our clients meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Contact Us today and we’ll gladly help you!


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